Ap Reinders (1973) is currently Mayor of the municipality of Stichtse Vecht, part of the Amsterdam-Utrecht Metropolitan Area in the Netherlands. He is responsible for a.o. public order, disaster relief and security in general. Ap is also a board member of the Association of Dutch Cities and Municipalities and vice chairman of the association’s Committee on European and International Affairs.

Prior his appointment as Mayor, Ap was Alderperson and Vice Mayor of the City of Haarlemmermeer, part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, for almost 6 years. His portfolios included Economic & Entrepreneurial Affairs, Social Affairs and Labour Market Policies.

Ap is specialised in advising senior management in the public and private sector on issues concerning economics, strategy, leadership, organisational development, mergers & acquisitions and sustainable socioeconomic development. His leadership capabilities encompass managerial experience ranging from medium size to large multinational organisations. Ap is the founder of EVAR, a group of international consulting companies with offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, specialised in Economic Policy Consulting, Leadership Empowerment and Management Consulting. He has an extensive track record as a management consultant advising clients in tourism, hospitality, aviation, media & entertainment, healthcare and the public sector. Ap Reinders has over 20 years of international work experience, gained in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Ap Reinders studied economics at VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and worked on a PhD-thesis on labour market strategy at Erasmus University Rotterdam/Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands.

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